WEBINAR 30th June | Career in Digital Marketing & Game Development

Webinar - Mayank Pande

WEBINAR 30th June | Career in Digital Marketing & Game Development

If you’re looking for a career, but not sure which field best suits your skills, where should you start? 

Interested in switching to digital marketing or game development as your core area of expertise to enhance your career, but unsure of where to start? 

Are you in need of expert assistance?

Take advantage of our free webinars on Digital Marketing and Game Development and speak to our experts. The webinars are separated by subject matter.

The technology works best when it brings people and knowledge together. Yes, it is certainly important to give knowledge the best chance of success and to convey the vision to a job-seeker. Scholars must prepare for the perception that corporate working is a professional occupation. Individuals must be fully prepared to meet the requirements of today’s corporate environment. 

We at TheUpThrust have therefore taken to creating industry training programs that can give people a boost in their careers. 

As part of our career awareness program, we will be holding free webinars for people seeking to advance their careers in the areas of Digital Marketing and Game Development. Find out more about our webinars below!

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Digital Marketing Webinar

We are pleased to host a webinar by Miss Pragati Singh Suman, an eleven-year experienced marketing professional, and Director of Carina Softlabs Inc. She has considerable experience working with overseas clients and has led the industry for many years. 

Points To Be Covered in Webinar:

As our main topic for the webinar, we intend to cover Career Growth Paths in Digital Marketing. Here, she will discuss all of the opportunities that are available to students and professionals seeking careers in the field of online marketing.

In this session, the host will discuss the diversified field of Digital Marketing along with its scope and career progression, which is important for young aspirants and gives them a sense of direction in their careers.

For this webinar, no specific degree or certification is required. Anyone who is creative and can learn things quickly can attend the webinar and clarify their doubts about taking up a career in digital marketing.

Webinar Date: 30th June’22

Time: 2:00 PM

Topic: Career Paths in Digital Marketing

Host: Pragati Singh Suman

Game Development Webinar

Similar to Digital Marketing webinar, we will also host a webinar on Career Growth through Game Development. 

Webinar by Mayank Pande

Game Development is something that can be a great career option for the modern era. Video games are expected to grow even more by 2025 based on a recent survey. Various game developers with different skill sets may be needed in the next five years, and there may be a variety of supporting specialists as well.

The most important part of this webinar will lead you to learn about a career in game development with our industry expert. Mr. Mayank Pande, the Co-founder of Carina Softlabs Inc. “A software and game development company” and Techymau Game Studios “One of the leading game studios in central India”. With 14+ years of experience in game development, he served 500+ customers across the globe.

Mr. Mayank Pande has specialization in AR, VR, 2D & 3D gaming and most importantly you will see that he has master skills with Unity and Unreal game engines.

Points To Be Covered in Webinar:

The main focus of this webinar will be “Exponential Career growth through Game Development ”. Here, Mr. Mayank Pande will let you know how game development can be a great career option for you all. 

He will unfold all the myths and facts of the game development industry. Apart from it, he will discuss some trending aspects of game development like NFT games and Metaverse.

As per Mr. Mayank Pande, it’s very important to pass all the suitable information to the Students and those who have the desire to give a shape to their creative ideas and make them comfortable to cope with the game development industry. 

The best part of this webinar is yet to come. Along with telling you the career in game development he also helps you to understand what skills are required at the different job roles in the game development industry and how a non-technical person can make a successful technical career. 

Webinar Date: 30th June’22

Time: 5:00 PM

Topic: Exponential career growth through game development

Host: Mayank Pande


Seeking successful career growth you need to learn how game development and Digital Marketing can be a field for great career expansion. The webinar is all about making you aware of many different aspects of game development or the digital marketing industry. And the host of this webinar can be a torchbearer for you all to understand why game development and digital marketing are vastly different from the career options.

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