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The scope of our courses in the Game Development and Digital Marketing field is extensive, and after a student has completed any of the certification courses with us, they are able to open their own independent business and apply for various positions in the industry.

According to the most recent salary survey by Glassdoor, the average salary package available to those employed in Digital Marketing and Game Development services is about:

  • INR 2  LPA to 3LPA for Freshers.
  • INR 3  LPA to  5LPA for Intermediate Professionals.
  • INR 5  LPA to 20LPA and above for Experts in the relevant fields.

Numerous factors can affect the pay scale for a professional in either of these sectors, but the most significant ones are as follows:

  • Financial capability of the organization
  • Years of experience
  • Performance reviews
  • Certifications & Knowledge
  • Workplace Location
  • Ability to grasp skills

With our program, we aim to give you the “knowledge and skills” that will complement the certificate. Whether it’s Digital Marketing or Game Development, we guarantee you will be able to access all the prominent career opportunities with high salaries that are available in these fields.

The following are various skills that will put a cherry on top of a bright career in Digital Marketing & Game Development, if one wishes to pursue a career in these fields :

  • Multitasking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Pro-activeness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Competitiveness

Our Goal

Getting industry knowledge and experience is key so that our students can adapt to real-world experiences and become ready for the workplace. This is why our training programs are designed to be industry-ready.

If you are searching for a new career or if you are looking to excel in your current endeavors, join The UpThrust courses of your interest and get a great start in your career.

Industry Ready

Marketing Expert

Game Developer


Let’s train you with all the key points that will help you succeed in your professional career. 

Our Journey

2011: Beginning of the Journey

Starting on the 24th Sep 2011 when we officially began operation in the service sector, we have successfully delivered more than 500+ projects in both domains from the day we started.

We primarily serve clients from the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


UpThrus - Timeline

2019: Upthrust: The Need

Having dealt with the industry and its everyday challenges, we have concluded that students without prior field experience have a hard time adapting to the industry environment. This is because the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge is large.

So we decided to launch a training program “The UpThrust”, that will improve trainees’ chances of success. In addition, to create a work environment that prepares them for the future.

By enhancing students’ skills and knowledge, this program fills a gap in the current technological era.


Team Work

2022: Founded The UpThrust

Finally, in 2022, we implemented our idea and entered the education sector as “The UpThrust”. To start, we are offering courses in Digital Marketing and Game Development. These two main sectors are experiencing a boom and offer an abundance of opportunities for students.

Our training program will not just hire trainers with the theoretical value but will involve managers and industry experts who can share their knowledge and prepare trainees for real work culture and how to work on live projects.

Students and working professionals deserve a program that stands out and offers what they most need. Thus, we launched “The UpThrust“, which we believe is a key solution for everyone.


The UpThrust - Launched

Why The UpThrust?

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