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With our experience of 11 years in Digital Marketing training and Game Development, we were able to find a gap in the knowledge which is being transferred to students. We came up with an innovative way to conceptualize the course content for better learning and chances of great career growth.

Smart Course for better learning

Enhanced way of practical training

Helping the World with Concepts

Strategies for Aspiring Students.

Creative learning with example.

Extensive Study Expertise

We Reach Our Goals

We make you Industry ready!

By Intense learning curve

Our training procedure, course content, and involvement of industry experts make our training industry-ready. The primary focus of our marketing certification courses and game development courses is to train students with more practical knowledge. So you can easily start your career with a blast.


Industry experts will be the Trainers

Year 2022

Beginning Of  “TheUpThrust”

Course for all

No Age Limit For Aspirants

Our Successful Interns.

Interns we nurtured excelled as the best for the Industry!

Teaching Methodology

Shaping, Sprint, Iterations, Release


Constructivist Approach

The constructivist approach emphasizes active participation and engagement of students in the learning process.


Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning involves students forming groups to learn together and work collectively to solve problems, develop strategies, generate ideas, create products, or complete tasks.


Integrative Approach

The integrative approach aims to create a learning environment that facilitates students in making connections across different subjects in the curriculum.


Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning encourages educators not only to provide answers to students’ questions but also to foster a culture where students’ ideas are explored, challenged, improved, and refined.

Focused Tutoring

Our goal is to make our students ready for the dream career with all necessary skills and tools.

Majority of trainings are focused on delivering the content to students, while we focus on providing practical training on Digital Marketing and Game Development.

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Dynamic Sessions

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Practical Training


“Four pillars to make you ready for your desired profession.”

Here Is Our Training Agenda

The UpThrust training agenda is to ensure that we provide you with the best education that covers every single detail that is essential to establish your name in the industry. With us from now Game Development Softwares, Game Designing Fundamentals and Digital Marketing practices are no more difficult to learn for any student with our Digital Marketing Certification Courses and Game Development Certification Courses.

We skills you to become a successful professional.

Technical Skills

Theory Concepts

Soft Skills

Communication Skills

Management Skills

Our Strengths

The Students-Oriented Teaching Pattern.

Within our training program, we will monitor each student’s progress regularly by giving them multiple mock tests and classroom activities to make sure that the knowledge has been passed on effectively.

Affordable Courses

In our courses, you will receive the most up-to-date knowledge despite affordable prices.

Mock Interviews

We will conduct a variety of mock interview rounds to boost and build your confidence.

Live Projects

The task to make a thesis on the live project you had studied will be given at the end.

Our Industry Managers


Accredited Tutoring Services

Riya SharmaWorking Professional
Anant Mishra
Anant Vijay MishraCollege Student
Vishwjeet BaiCollege Student
Piyush Bohra
Piyush BohraWorking Professional
Ashutosh MishraWorking Professional
Mayank GargCollege Student
Mohi UpadhyayCollege Student
TheUpthrust Team, I appreciate all your help. I value your guidance. By completing a certification program in digital marketing, you have opened up an ocean of opportunities for me. This is helping me out. Thank you for being patient with our endless questions.
Thank you
I recently completed my Digital Marketing Course under the guidance of Mr. Saurabh sir, and I am really pleased with the extensive information he provided about SEO and SMM. Since I got hired by my dream company, this course was definitely result-oriented. Thanks, “TheUpThrust”!
Since I enjoy playing games and watching their characters, I decided to learn more about game development. I got admission to the best game development school in Indore by the grace of God. As a student here, I learn how to develop 2D & 3D hyper-casual games using a real engine. So far I have created 2 games myself. Surely thanks to TheUpthrust.
Their focus is on enhancing the students’ abilities & expertise by providing the best digital marketing training in India. I don’t think it’s overly difficult. My knowledge of marketing has been enriched after completing the training. In my opinion, if one wants to get best education about Digital Marketing in Indore, one should opt for “The Upthrust”.
I am really pleased to mention that the best digital marketing training is now available to all students with the best institute for digital marketing in India “The Upthrust”, where you will learn everything about digital marketing to kick start your career.
I am really pleased to mention that the best digital marketing training is now available to all students with the best institute for digital marketing in India “The Upthrust”, where you will learn everything about digital marketing to kick start your career.
It has been a pleasure to work with the Upthrust team, who have provided me both the best education and career start with their experienced team, and I can say as a former student and now as a working professional that TheUpthrust is the right place for both education and employment.

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