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Aims to provide Result-Oriented Training

Aims to provide a Result Oriented Courses

As a gesture of gratitude to the industry, we have launched a dedicated corporate education platform, called “TheUpThrust”.

10/2, 2nd Floor, Shree Mahadeo House, near Hotel Surya, South Tukoganj, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India Pin Code- 452001


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Classroom Training

  • Our Vision:
    We are aiming to develop a skilled workforce that can maintain a talent pool of highly skilled workers for the country’s digital industry.
  • Our Mission
    In keeping with our mission statement, we strive to create a learning environment that will enable students to achieve their potential in the future.
  • Our Instructors
    This course will be taught by a team of highly competent industry experts who will adapt the classes according to the student’s abilities and provide them a relevant study material.
  • Courses Offered
    We offer six game development & four digital marketing courses. For details, visit our course page.

Admission Criteria

  • What stream is necessary for admission?
    In both of our Digital Marketing and Game Development modules, we welcome participants from all streams…
  • Training Fees
    Depending on the course syllabus and duration, the fee varies.
  • Who are eligible for these Courses?
    Individuals interested in a career in digital marketing or game development should consider applying here. Also, if you are a working professional looking to advance your career or pay scale, you should consider enrolling now.

Our Team

Our Assets


Mrs. Neha Pande

CEO & Founder
Our innovative “The UpThrust” initiative was founded by Neha, our CEO, and founder. She has over a decade of experience in the area of digital marketing, completing more than 80 successful projects. She oversees the growth and future endeavors of the UpThrust training division.


Dr. Devendra Puntambekar

As the Mentor at TheUpthrust, Dr. Puntambekar is responsible for directing the team. His experience spans over 26 years in industry and education. In addition, he played an essential role in the establishment of Carina Educations Private Limited, as “The Upthrust”.


Mr. Vikesh Kumar Singh

Chief Operating Officer
As the Chief Operating Officer of “The UpThrust”, Vikesh Kumar Singh leads the UpThrust team. In addition to fostering business success and providing clients with top-notch customer service, Mr. Singh provided sustainable solutions for enhancing education and business through business solutions and Edu-tech.


Ms. Mohi Upadhyay

Training Consultant
The Training Consultant at “The UpThrust”, Mohi Upadhyay is a leading face within the organization. With her knowledge and experience, she recently graduated from Medi-Caps University and has been handling the upthrust partnership with many universities with enthusiasm and a learning attitude.  


Ms. Sonal Joshi

During the core team of UpThrust, Sonal Joshi will act as the primary counselor. With a better knowledge of the curriculum and content of the courses, she will be guiding the students to take the most advantageous course to achieve their defined goals and aspirations.



Who can attend the courses?
What are the employment opportunities in the game development field?
Can I choose the batch timings according to my preferences?
Is there a minimum eligibility requirement to attend a course?
Approximately how many courses are available?
In what time frame does the Diploma in Digital Marketing course take place?
What are the career opportunities in Digital Marketing?
How do I enroll in the course?
What are the stages involved in game development?
Are there any designing tools included in the Game Development Course?


Accredited Tutoring Services

Sakshi Mehra
Rajesh Sahu
Ankit Gehlot
Piyush Rajpurohit
Ravikant Sanwale
Shanyal Prajapati
Purushottam Sharma
My training with “TheUpthrust” allowed me to be successful in the industry since I was able to overcome any challenges that lay ahead. Besides Digital Marketing Learning, they also provide the best industrial skills for lifelong learning.
While I want to learn On-Page and Off-Page SEO, I do not wish to be stuck with just theoretical training. TheUpthrust offered me a chance to learn about SEO techniques on live projects & then I had the good fortune of getting hired as an intern by Carina Softlabs, Inc. So, in the end, I found UpThrust to be the right decision for me since it’s not a coaching institute, but rather a place where you can have live industrial experience.
Texturing 3D assets for games is an area where I have some experience. Therefore, I joined the Upthrust program, where I learned a lot about a game pipeline workflow & also got Unity game development training that helped me a great deal.
When I was trying to find affordable certification courses in digital marketing. I found the “TheUpthrust” Diploma in digital marketing and I am glad I have chosen this course since I have gained in-depth knowledge about digital marketing.
In general, The Upthrust courses are great for freshers because they are well structured and affordable. The explanation of terms is excellent. I loved all the lessons, quizzes, and study material. Thank you for ensuring so much quality.
Creating a 3D game environment with the Unity engine was something I was interested in learning. Therefore, I took the Upthrust Game Development course, where I learned Unity, and now I’m doing an internship at a good MNC.
The upthrust digital marketing institute has been a great choice in my career. I have done a 6-month certification course in digital marketing here and have explored the industry to the maximum with their practical digital marketing learning methods. If you’re looking to learn Digital marketing in Indore, choose only TheUpthrust.

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