Our First Webinar's Experience - Paths towards Success


Nothing can be more beautiful than a platform or a webinar that connects people and leads them one step ahead in their success journey, this is something which we have done today!

Yes, we are talking about our first 2 webinars “Career paths in digital marketing” and “Exponential Career Growth through Game Development”.

This webinar on “Career paths in digital marketing” was hosted by Miss Pragati Singh Suman, Director – Carina Softlabs Inc.

The webinar on “Exponential Career Growth through Game Development”  was hosted by Mr. Mayank Pande, Founder of Carina Softlabs Inc and Techymau Game Studios. We were so amazed at how awesome the webinar was, and that it exceeded our expectations.

However, The whole purpose of these webinars was to enable people to learn job-ready skills. Our mission is not to transmit information but to transform learners and make them ready to face skill-based challenges in the future.

Moreover, The support and encouragement we received from the people who joined us made us so glad. We regretted that some people who had registered for the webinar were unable to attend.

Some key points that we explored in the “Career paths in digital marketing” webinar were: 
  • Introducing a career in digital marketing
  • Defining the scope and need for digital marketing
  • Why should you opt for digital marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Career Progression
  • How can I start a career in digital marketing
  • Conclusion: Which Path Will You Take?
Key points which we explored in “Exponential Career Growth through Game Development”.
  • Why Game Development
  • Growth and Future of Game Development
  • Why should you opt for Game Development?
  • Myths and Facts of Game Development
  • How you can  start a career in Game Development
  • NFT and Metaverse Gaming
  • AR,VR,2D,3D games
  • Unity and Unreal game Engines
  • Conclusion: Which Path Will You Take?

The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.” – Lilly Walters

At this point, We had a fabulous time with all the attendees who made the program so meaningful for us.

In conclusion, We request all the readers to go through the shared key points and contact us if you have any queries for us.

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